Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Game Linking

Well the feature that hundreds have asked for is finally here... Game Linking! We're excited to announce this past week that our game linking feature is now available to all our schedulers to make scheduling faster and easier than ever before. This is really geared towards youth and high school organizations that allow their officials to work multiple games in a day. Unfortunately, there will be minimal use for organizations that allow officials to only work 1 game per day, however, there is the possibility.

Here's how it works:

Let's say you want to schedule an afternoon of games and you are going to send the same officials to a set of 3 games. Previously, it was possible to schedule the first two then get to the third and realize that one of the officials was no longer available. Now if you link those three games, you will get 1 scheduling window that will tell you who is available for ALL the games. Create your assignments once, and all 3 games are populated with those officials.

Although it seems intimidating, it's actually quite easy.
1. Turn ON Game Linking
2. Select games to link
3. Press Link Button.
4. Schedule like normal, except with less work.

We're more than happy to walk our schedulers through using the system, so if you think you're interested, but afraid to try it out - give us a call! We'll help you through scheduling your first set of linked games! Enjoy!