Monday, October 17, 2011

Hello World. Blog Initialized.

Well we decided that it was time we create a blog for ourselves so that we could share with the world all our inner most and deep-dark secrets. That's what you've all been waiting for, right? Well, maybe not so much. Quite frankly, internet marketing experts will tell you that having a blog is a key piece to any internet marketing campaign and having said blog will increase your website's performance in search engine rankings. We've known this for quite some time, but we really couldn't come up with any ideas for something that would be interesting or worthwhile for our clients to read. In any case, we've decided to create one anyways and just spew out anything of interest that we just had to say. Hopefully, it will be interesting to some and at the same time will satisfy the marketing people's demands for a blog too. As such, blog posting #1 is really just a rant on what we plan on doing with this blog and what you can expect from it.

Now, if what you're expecting is paramount revelations that will solve all the world's problems then you've come to the wrong place. We don't have all the answers. What we will post about, though, is primarily anything of interest that we're looking into or trying to create for the system. Additionally, we anticipate that we might post about some local things in our area or about our officials on staff so that our clients and community can see what our referees are doing or how they use the system. From time to time, we may throw out some of our own internet marketing or success tips if we feel people might benefit from them. Maybe even a congratulatory remark or two about our friends.

Nevertheless, we're going to try to keep this interesting for everyone involved. Hopefully, someone might find some worth to it. If not, maybe we'll hire a comedian, inspiring figure, or just someone who drinks a lot to write our blogs for us. Who knows, maybe we'll do that anyways.

Anyways, thanks for a least entertaining the first post. We'll see what we can put up for you in the coming weeks.

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